Scarab (noh_dancer) wrote,

O is for origami trick...'s odd to know I've been staying here for nearly three weeks.

In that time I've done a lot of thinking, and a lot of reading, and I feel like I have a better handle on this place as whole. (That or I've finally gone crazy)

Alex? I think your onto something with the whole figuring out the curse day timing.
I'll have to start keeping a calender to see if any patterns emerge...

-Private to Alex//Unhackable-
Have you heard anything from your lord?

I was also thinking that you and me, and Faye ought to hang out when your sober.
I think you two would get along if you behaved.


( I usually don't really share this not one word about how bad it is, ok?)

Chaos that is Controlled by words
-story art upon the blades of swords
poetry in all the worlds

A quest for vengeance
-a quest for peace
an old man longing to love

I must recognize myself.
Frozen, like a shattered pocketwatch.
Broken biologically.

Faulty hands.

Missing digits

Analysis & Synthesis:

Dividing up the whole into components that are easier to grasp.
In analyzing something, we take it to pieces and examine it.
In synthesizing something we put all the pieces back together...

In a form that's hopefully improved?


-Private to Frederick//Unhackable-

Three weeks in the city, and two of those have been spent in your apartement.
It's nice to wake up next to you not have to listen to the ticking all the time.
I also noticed that with all the little trips I've made back and forth, from my place to here, that just about all the material possessions I have in this city are sitting around the bedroom and living room. ( And I know you've noticed the prissy girly things in the bathroom...I try to pick them up, Honest! ♥ )

...Look, I don't want to impose, or push you into something your not comfortable with, but...well...

Maybe I should just stay?

If your not ok with that, I'll understand completely!


((OOC: The first poem is part of a reader review for David Mack, the author/artist of Kabuki. The second and third are from Kabuki: Metamorphosis. ))

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